Two Thirds of American Kids Can’t Read Fluently

Biennial testing through NAEP consistently shows that two thirds of U.S. children are unable to read with proficiency. An astounding 40 percent are essentially nonreaders.

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About Us

Krystle Cordingley embarked on the journey of establishing Vision Reading Academy, driven by a profound understanding of the science that links reading difficulties to the intricacies of the eyes. Her personal experience fueled this endeavor, as she witnessed her own daughter grappling with reading challenges for years without success. Drawing upon her scientific background and expertise in the human body, Krystle harnessed this knowledge to develop a program aimed at addressing the nuanced relationship between vision and reading.

The Vision Reading Academy, under Krystle’s guidance, employs a multifaceted approach that leverages both scientific principles and her comprehensive understanding of the human body. This unique blend has propelled the program to greater heights, showcasing tangible results through extensive evidence. The approach not only accelerates the achievement of results but also instills lifelong changes in individuals.

What began as a personal mission has evolved into a global initiative, with Vision Reading Academy extending its impact to students across multiple countries. The program’s reach continues to expand, a testament to its effectiveness and the growing recognition of its transformative outcomes. Week by week, Vision Reading Academy stands as a beacon of hope and change, making a lasting difference in the lives of individuals struggling with reading challenges. Krystle’s vision has manifested into a reality that transcends borders, offering a lifeline to those seeking improved reading abilities and a brighter future.


Our Mission

Here at Vision Reading Academy- our mission is to give the gift of powerful, fluent reading and confidence for life. 


Our Vision

It is estimated that 1 in 4 individuals deal with an issue with their eyes that affects how they live- whether that is through reading, or even further diagnosed learning problems. With the growing number of reading problems surfacing after the pandemic that number may be closer to 2 in 4. Our vision is for our program to reach all corners of the world by bringing the power of ocular control and furthering knowledge through reading to everyone! 

Our Services

Experts In Vision Reading 

Our comprehensive approach provides a unique blend of information and exercises tailored to empower individuals, enabling them, or their children, to enhance their reading and comprehension skills. This distinctive methodology, exclusive to VRA, distinguishes itself as unparalleled globally. Our singular approach has consistently yielded remarkable results, boasting a near 100% success rate in transforming the reading abilities and confidence levels of every student enrolled in our program.



Reading and Comprehension


College Prep

Study Skills

Test Prep


Our students succeed in not only their ability and level of reading, but also their ability to retain and comprehend what they are reading.


Our students are better able to clearly see equations and read them correctly which through evidence based data our program has proven to increase math scores and college prep test scores.

College Prep

Through our individualized advanced program we prepare our students for their present as well as their futures.


From The Comfort of Home!

Online Program

This program is designed to put you in the front seat of your growing journey and future. We, at Vision Reading Academy, coach you along the way with one on one instruction giving you the tools to become empowered in your own reading growth and eye strengthening journey. 

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We are pleased to inform you that we have obtained accreditation as approved vendors for both the Learning Acceleration Grants of Virginia Department of Education and the recently inaugurated Utah Fits All scholarship programs. We remain dedicated to exploring additional opportunities in each state continually. Our unwavering commitment is centered on ensuring accessibility for all individuals, fostering financial feasibility for our services. Should you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us for detailed inquiries.

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